Student Fees

Table of Fees

Our standard fees are as follows:


Skype - per hour

At your home - per hour*

Beginners’ Sessions



Intermediate Sessions



GCSE revision




*If you are interested in ESOL tuition, please call or e-mail us for our rates

The above information is for general guidance and is based on the delivery of one-to-one tuition. 

* In the case of tuition at your home, the figures may vary according to your location.

Where two figures are given, the higher one would be applied when additional support outside of tuition time is regularly given, eg, inspection of assignments.

All fees may vary in the case of groups or businesses so please contact us for a quote. A discount may be considered for Pensioners.

If you reside outside of the UK, we would be happy to quote you a price in Euros or US Dollars as appropriate.