Learn French

Learn French

The fact that French is still such an important language on the world stage was brought home to Alison during the few months she spent working in Kuwait from 2011-2012.

She was having a struggle communicating with one of her Arab colleagues in English, until the day that she discovered that this colleague came from Tunisia (a former French colony) and so could speak French to a very high standard! Therefore, as English was this colleague’s third language after Arabic and French, she inevitably found it harder. From then on, Alison almost always spoke French with this particular colleague, which made it so much easier for them to understand each other.

There have been other situations in Alison’s life when a knowledge of French has helped her with getting around, avoiding misunderstandings, etc. In particular, she spent some time travelling in West Africa, where a large proportion of the countries are Francophone. The following Wikipedia link provides more information on the worldwide importance of French:


Such is the importance of French in most West African countries that the German company Siemens insisted on its employees learning it for the purposes of undertaking an engineering project there.

Of course, nearer to home, the fact that France is a geographical neighbour of the UK is enough reason for us to make an effort to learn French. A ‘Channel Hop’ is an easier and more enriching experience when you have the French language at your disposal. French is not only one of the ‘working languages’ of the European Union, but, every four years, we are reminded that it is the official language of the Olympics.

Rusty school French? Forgotten most of it? No problem – the right words often come back in no time! Alison has a proven track record of guiding school students through their GCSE in French, as well as in using the language n a business context. So please contact us so that we can establish how we can help you fulfill your particular aims.